Sunday, December 14, 2008


Sometimes as you walk along, certain people just stop you in your tracks. Dorcas stopped me in my tracks today. What a hat! She tried to convince me that she’s shy, but she let me take this photo, anyway.

She was visiting our church today with this cool hat. “Why are you wearing the hat?” I asked.

“Because it goes good with my shirt, my sweater…I like the color gray.”

After I took the picture I thought about opening a blog titled, “People With Fabulous Smiles!”

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Horse Ranch--Missouri

I was on a country road when I saw this mailbox in front of a horse ranch. Well, quick! I found a place to pull over and walked back a quarter of a mile to take this photo. It was worth the walk.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


He's a 14 year old boy. He's an actor. And a good one. He recently played in his high school's production of Les Miserables, a three-hour production. He had a short singing part in the first scene (slaves); and then played different characters in several others scenes.

Here he is as 'Babet,' part of a gang of bad boys. But he was really a good boy that night. And so were all the kids. A night to remember--and the hat helped.

He's our grandson, too!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Mayor's Granddaughter--Arizona

While we were in Arizona at my high school reunion, we were introduced to Mayor Gomez, his wife and their granddaughter. This picture is a magazine cover, is it not?

The Mayor’s Granddaughter was not feeling well that day, after some days with the flu, but she managed this delicious smile for us, and now all of us are feeling better. If it wasn't for her hat, this picture may not have been so terrific.

Or maybe it's those eyes. Or that smile. Whatever: she's a glamorous little model!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blogstock ‘08—Nebraska

My First Wife and I couldn’t go to Blogstock ’08 like we wanted. So Janell sent Blogstock to us. What a cool gal. She sent photos of the all lucky participants wearing her hat. They are all fellow bloggers.

Ralph and Cliff thunk up the whole thing and pulled it off last 4tha July weekend. You can read comprehensive report after comprehensive report on the lucky participants’ blogs (Check with Cliff). Every report says that a good time was had by all. And everyone, including us, is already looking forward to Blogstock ’09. I want to have my picture taken in Janell's hat.

Scroll South for more excellent hat photos. And thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Judy (Kenju)—North Carolina

Judy and I have been reading each other’s blogs for two, three years. Click to enjoy hers. She recently sent me this elegant picture. Talk about classJudy has class!

This picture was originally published in the Charleston (West Virginia) Daily Mail. Or was it the Gazette? Anyway, Judy was a cute little 20 year old college sophomore at the time. A newspaper lady saw her modeling some department store clothes and not long after, this picture developed.


Judy’s so beautiful you almost don’t see her hat.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ying—China, England, Missouri

Many people wear mortar boards at this time of the year. But only one of them is Ying. My First Wife and I love Ying. We’ve known her for four years. Already?! She came to the US for college at the tender age of 17. Alone.

Ying speaks impeccable English—with a British accent. She lived in England for several years where her father was a Chinese government diplomat. While she’s been in the US, she’s made two trips to visit her parents “back home” in Beijing, China. Alone.


This Saturday she graduated—Summa Cum Laude , thank you very much!—from the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC). Next semester, she’ll be at Purdue University to study for a PhD in Pharmacy. Alone.

Ying’s very brave and determined, and quite a lot of fun, too. It’s been our blessing to be a tiny part of this beautiful and special young woman’s career.


And, oh yeah...doesn’t she makes that "hat" look good?

Saturday, May 10, 2008


While I was in the park with my granddaughter recently, Terrissa came and sat in the grass for her photographer. They were doing their homework for a photography class: a portrait that captures everything special about the subject (Terrissa). They let me take a couple of photos, too. Nice girls.


Terrissa is wearing that hat because she loves country music. And she wears it often. As we can see, she’s also into laptops, guitars, and K-State Powercats. Most of all, she knows how to put on a real pretty Kansas smile.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Don’s a new friend. We were busy together recently serving Angel Food groceries to people with low food budgets.

“I like your cool hat, sir,” I told him.

“Well, my son-in-law serves on this ship,” he pointed out. “He sends me all kinds of stuff. I like this hat best.”

I managed to find the time to take his picture.



If you can't make out what the hat says, it's from the USS Ronald Reagan.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


LaDawn sent pictures from England. I like her pretty name, LaDawn. It perfectly fits a pretty lady. Anyway, something old; something new.

Her family was out ice skating; the first time for her children (new). And she wore a special hat she bought years ago (old) to commemorate her Grandmother’s visit. (I think everybody should buy a hat in honor of their grandparents.) Her husband took this excellent and delightful picture. Well done.


A couple of days later, she and her kids took a stroll in Queen Elizabeth’s Great Park in Windsor UK. LaDawn took this picture and it looks like her daughter is taking an imaginary picture right back at her. The kids have cool hats.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Kohen is just three months old. Isn't he cute? Yes, he is.
I spied him at my niece's wedding a couple of weeks ago and he let me take his picture.
Kohen'll grow up to be a handsome young man cuz both his folks are really good looking--and nice. His mommy cut me a big piece of wedding cake with thick icing slathered all over it.


I want a beret like Kohen's.

Monday, March 17, 2008


You don't want to mess with Jordan. He's one big boy and one tough hombre.

Why, he's so fast that he can stand, er...sit in front of a mirror and outdraw hisself.

He's my nephew. This picture was taken last week when he turned 8 months old.

Here's wishing you many happy Hats, Jordan.

"My Unca Paul is right. You don't wanna mess with me, podner."

Sunday, January 27, 2008


One day last summer, 80-year-old Loretta saw us as we were about to leave that Assisted Living Center. No, she was not panhandling. She waved us down because she loves My First Wife. So they talked through the car window till it started raining a little. "Ooooh, I gotta get in!" she screamed.

"Here, take the world's best umbrella," I offered, and plunked my hat on her head.

"Well, thank you, sir. Heh-heh," she said and kept on talking. I had plenty of time to take her picture.
I walked her indoors. By the time I got my hat back, my hair was all wet.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sean and Pop-Pop--New Jersey

Wanna feel happy? Just enjoy the photos below. Have you ever seen a "Pop-pop" any more happy to be next to his grandson? Have you ever seen a grandson so tickled to show off Pop-Pop's hat? This is the way all granddads should look when their grandsons get to horsin' around. And this is one way young boys can make their granddads glow. Here are two cool dudes having one of their best of times together.



Sean's mom is Jennie. Her blog features one of the finest families in New Jersey. She was behind the camera, but I'm willing to bet she was glowing just as much as her dad and son. God bless 'em all. And God bless that cool hat!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Heather is the third blogger I put into my Blogroll many years ago. She’s got a blog that grows on you. She sent me this picture (after I pleaded with her to send it). One day her step-dad put the camera up to his eye for a picture of Brad and Heather. “Wait!” he exclaimed, and plunked his hat on Heather’s head. Heather makes that hat look good, doesn't she?


Heather and her step dad have a fantastic relationship, which is one reason her elegant smile is so attractive. Oh, yeah. Brad is Heather’s husband, the guy without the hat. He needs to send us a picture, too, doesn't he?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Everyone should have a New Years Day hat.

Cliff Morrow is one of my favorite bloggers who sent this picture of his granddaughter. I've had it a little while, waiting for today. Notice how two-year-old Allison artfully chose the color of her hat to match her eye. To me, this delightful photo says, "Peek-a-boo and Happy New Year, too!"

This vision should warm our hearts all year long. Thank you, Cliff and Allison.