Monday, November 18, 2013

Kerry--Lindsey's Mom

You may remember my last hat picture post of Lindsey in her white cowboy hat.(Scroll down a little.)

This is Lindsey’s mom, Kerry. Here she is dressed up for Halloween in the only Edgar Allen Poe hat you’ll probably ever see. She gave me permission to take this off FB and publish it here. So I did. It reminds me of one of those cameo pendants.

Kerry is remarkably talented. She's a designer and an artist (see the photo of Lindsey’s eye) of the highest degree.

She’s also a friendly, happy greeter at our church with an easy smile and a twinkling eye.

(A funny thing happened at church yesterday. As a greeter, Kerry had to wait a few minutes after the service began before entering the sanctuary. She usually quietly slips into a back row. But the place was pretty crowded. She finally found a row that was as close to the back as she could get: the front row!)

Stop by our church sometime. Sorry, but she probably won’t be wearing this hat.