Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ying—China, England, Missouri

Many people wear mortar boards at this time of the year. But only one of them is Ying. My First Wife and I love Ying. We’ve known her for four years. Already?! She came to the US for college at the tender age of 17. Alone.

Ying speaks impeccable English—with a British accent. She lived in England for several years where her father was a Chinese government diplomat. While she’s been in the US, she’s made two trips to visit her parents “back home” in Beijing, China. Alone.


This Saturday she graduated—Summa Cum Laude , thank you very much!—from the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC). Next semester, she’ll be at Purdue University to study for a PhD in Pharmacy. Alone.

Ying’s very brave and determined, and quite a lot of fun, too. It’s been our blessing to be a tiny part of this beautiful and special young woman’s career.


And, oh yeah...doesn’t she makes that "hat" look good?


kenju said...

She does, indeed! She's pretty (and so are you and your first wife)

Ralph said...

Great pictures and congratulations to Ying.

J said...

Hey! Is that you and your first wife? Well, aren't you the handsome couple?

Cliff said...

Hanging around with beautiful women again.
I'm glad to know your eyesight must be excellent.
Congrats to the graduate. Neat stuff Paul.

Anonymous said...

No Sir there, please ... just Q of Quintino; most call me Quint ...

Not bad your photos also, specially because the show emotions!

Rachel said...

She is lovely, with or without the "hat." Congratulations to Ying! She will go far!