Monday, January 14, 2008

Sean and Pop-Pop--New Jersey

Wanna feel happy? Just enjoy the photos below. Have you ever seen a "Pop-pop" any more happy to be next to his grandson? Have you ever seen a grandson so tickled to show off Pop-Pop's hat? This is the way all granddads should look when their grandsons get to horsin' around. And this is one way young boys can make their granddads glow. Here are two cool dudes having one of their best of times together.



Sean's mom is Jennie. Her blog features one of the finest families in New Jersey. She was behind the camera, but I'm willing to bet she was glowing just as much as her dad and son. God bless 'em all. And God bless that cool hat!


Jamie Dawn said...

Great photos!
Lots of love & pride there.
Very nice hat!!!!

Janell said...

Tons of fun there. I wish I could hear the chuckling that was surely going on.

Professor Howdy said...
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Jennie said...

Hi Paul, thanks for posting pics of Pop Pop and Sean. We are still having much fun with his hat, which was his "shopping hat." He doesn't do much shopping anymore, so it was time to pass it on. :)