Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kansas Family--Heart of America

"The family that rides bikes together in the Heart of America stays together."
I took this photo last November (note the trees) and remember what a great day it was. I walked about eight miles that afternoon on a walk/bike path. Anyway, I spied this hearty, handsome, hat-covered family coming and managed to get my camera clicking just in the nick of time.
I don't know their names, but this 1/1000 of a second was the best part of the walk. I like this photo.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Pack and I grew up in Douglas, Arizona. And like a lot of pals, as soon as they gave us that diploma, we hurried off to the rat race. Natcherly, we lost track of each other easy enough. But thanks to Facebook, we have discovered each other again. I discovered that he wears mucho bueno hats all the time. I also discovered that Pack (not his real name) has a happy and beautiful family. I’m sure that’s because his roots are in Arizona.
Here he is blasting away in a major shooting competition. I wanna play. But look at that plastic ID badge hooked to the back of his hat. The Old West is spinning in its grave!
I guess somebody bought him a razor blade. But they'll never get to his great hats. His name is not really Pack, but don’t we all go a little eccentric when we leave Arizona?