Monday, January 7, 2008


Heather is the third blogger I put into my Blogroll many years ago. She’s got a blog that grows on you. She sent me this picture (after I pleaded with her to send it). One day her step-dad put the camera up to his eye for a picture of Brad and Heather. “Wait!” he exclaimed, and plunked his hat on Heather’s head. Heather makes that hat look good, doesn't she?


Heather and her step dad have a fantastic relationship, which is one reason her elegant smile is so attractive. Oh, yeah. Brad is Heather’s husband, the guy without the hat. He needs to send us a picture, too, doesn't he?


Heather said...

Brad wears a great fedora that makes him look kinda Indiana Jones-esque. I shall have to snap a pic and send it to you. :-)

Jamie Dawn said...

Heather has a beautiful smile!
She wears that hat well.

kenju said...

She's very pretty, Paul. I'm not a fan of cowboy hats, but she makes it look good.

Cliff said...

Yep, she's a looker fer sure Paul. I hate to say it but she even looks better than you in a hat....probably also without the hat. : )

Rachel said...

Yessiree, she looks great in that hat!!!