Friday, August 24, 2007

Darby and Mari--Texas and Missouri

Darby and Mari went to Disney World together last summer.

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I love my darlin' granddaughters! In a few days I'll love my other darlin' granddaughter!

After that I'll love my darl--er, grandsons.


scrappymommy said...

Man those two girls are the cutest "ever!!" They must have beautiful moms!! By the way, Darby was very excited to see her pic on the internet!!

Cliff said...

Ahhh aren't they two little darlins? I've read em all Paul. Good stuff here.

Jamie Dawn said...

Those are some real cuties!!!
LOVE those hats!

Scarlet said...

The girls are adorable and I love the yellow theme!

Jennie said...

Adorable little girlies!