Sunday, August 5, 2007


Aren’t these hauntingly beautiful photos? They’re of Tracey, who wears many hats.

I’ve been reading her blog almost every day for several months, and I recommend it. It's well-written, wholesome, family-friendly, educational… Her hat is a requirement because she spends a lot of time in the great outdoors. She and her City Boy foster wild mustangs and get them ready to ride and adopt. She loves her horses. She also loves her sheep. She’s a cowboy, a shepherd—huh? Oh, okay, cowgirl, and she's a lady, too. She knows what to do with the business end of a camera—I mean, she does!—and is remarkably skilled at not photographing her full face.

See what I mean? Here she is wearing a safety helmet the first time she [carefully] sat on Jet, a wild mustang. It took that horse six months to allow this brief moment. But Tracey's special.


tracey said...

Yes, Paul, I'm very skilled at not capturing my full face :) Thanks for the lovely words regarding my blog. I always enjoy your company there!

Oh...Jet? Seven weeks. Sunny is my six month ordeal. But hey, I don't expect everyone else to keep my girl's straight. The fact that you remembered the name of the horse I was sitting on in that photo (not taken by me, obviously) is pretty amazing!

Cliff said...

Yep a beauty indeed Paul. Tracey seems to be as prolific as they come for putting up posts. She's a goodin.

Kay said...

Good choice Paul!!! Tracey is the best!