Friday, January 31, 2014

Sean -- New Jersey

This is Sean. He used to be “Sean-pie” till he got big. His mom is my #1 best blogging and FB friend. Today is her birthday, too. Say, “Happy Birthday, Sean’s mom.” 

I digress. 

Sean’s Pop-Pop gave him this hat six years ago. Well, Sean, full of the most gracious manners on earth, bought Pop-Pop a replacement hat for his next birthday.  Now Sean wears this hat every chance he gets!  (You can visit Sean and Pop-Pop here, back in 2008.)

And his next chance to wear his awesome hat is a school dance. Sean specially selected all the cool clothes you see here for that school dance.
Who’s the lucky girl, Sean? She’s gonna love your tie, too.

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Jennie said...

That is one handsome kid, if I do say so. That's great Paul! I'm smiling here.