Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Here’s my Grandson on his ninth birthday wearing my hat. “I love hats of every kind, Granddaddy!” In fact, he has quite a few baseball caps displayed in his bedroom. He wouldn’t give me my hat back the whole evening, so later I bought him one of his own. "Just like Granddaddy's." He’s a good kid and this is a good photo. July 2005.

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Sean, I remember I told you that your picture would be first on my blog. Well, I slipped up a little and posted your great-granddaddy’s picture first. Hope you don’t mind. I love you.


carli said...

That is one great hat, and one happy looking kid. Good luck with the new blog.

Seeker said...

This is a cute picture!

Jamie Dawn said...

Great idea for a blog.
Love those hats!

Della said...

Interesting to know.