Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mrs. Evans--Kansas

Mrs. Evans is the inspiration for this blog. She's the one who struck the idea into me about a year ago. When I got my new digital camera, I went looking for her at church.

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She has worn a hat to church for years and years. She has " least thirty hats," she said. "Oh, and my niece has many more than I do." If she goes to church without a hat, people ask, "Where's your hat?" She is forever young.

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Now, Mr. Evans has one summer hat (pictured) and one winter hat. But that's okay. The Evans are faithful attenders and inspirational people. (July 2007)


kenju said...

Paul, I am a hat lover (and wearer) from waaaaaay back! I think this is a great idea, and when I get a minute to search for the photo, I'll send you one!

Angie said...

what a great idea!!

I used to wear hats, but only when we lived in Italy.....

LZ Blogger said...

I actually love hats... but on other people. My ol' grandpa ALWAYS wore one. I never could figure out if he wore it because he was bald on top, or if by wearing it his whole life, that made him go bald. He's been gone for 35 years now and I still have not gotten the answer! ~ jb///