Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lindsey and Me--Missouri

Lindsey and I attend the same church. Her mom is a greeter there and you might see them both when you come to visit.
A couple of years ago, Lindsey took a liking to my white hat. “I like your hat,” she said one Sunday, kinda cute-like.
“Wanna try it on?” I asked. “It’s kinda dirty.”
“That’s okay,” she said with her head cocked just sideways enough to be kinda cute-like again.
“Here you go,” I said and let her put it on. It was too big on her head, but she didn’t mind. She whirled around to show her mom. The hat didn't turn. Lindsey adjusted it. Mom just stood there smiling, kinda mom-like. I felt like I was about to lose a hat to one of my friends.
“Let me take it home and clean it up, and then I’ll bring it back and give it to you next week.”
“It’s okay,” she told me kinda sing-song like. “I really like this hat.” 
Her mom will tell you that I was undone. I haven’t seen that hat for two years.
Until this past Sunday. We snared our professional photographer who took this great picture of us. 

Her mom, a professional artist and designer drew the butterfly on Lindsey’s eye. I included this pic, too, so you can see what happens when Lindsey smiles. She lights up everyone and everything around her.
It's good to have friends like Lindsey. Ain't she purty-like?

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