Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Me -- Arizona

My brother recently gave me a box of old family photos. He apparently had no need for them. I sure did. Here are two of them.
On the back of the left hand picture, my mom wrote "Christmas 1946. Paul Nichols. 1122-7th St. Douglas, Ariz. 3 1/2 yrs." The trouble with my mother's information is that I'm standing in front of 1123-7th Street. Oh, well.
I'm shown wearing my Christmas gift--a full-fledged cowboy outfit, complete with chaps, pistol and holster, vest and My First Cowboy Hat! 
If I remember correctly, I was walking my beat, protecting the neighborhood from evil villains with ornery intent.


kenju said...

And I suspect you were pretty successful at it!! Looking cute.

Pen Dancing said...

I almost bought a pink Stetson once. But, as a poor college student I just could not bring myself to invest in such a purchase. SIGH!!!

Monique said...

I can't think of a better image for this blog. I love it, Paul!

Jennie said...

I love it too! And I'm chuckling at and considering your " everyone has an inner hat" now.