Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Phil—West Virginia

It was in the Dark Ages when I first met Phil; 6th or 7th Grade, I think. We weren’t chummy friends or pals (he was quiet and unassuming; I was not), but we shared several classes and got along well. I've always remembered him. Suddenly, almost 50 years later I got an e-mail from him that invited me to visit his Web site.
Who knew? Who knew?  Who knew that Phil has more skills in his hands than most of us do in all the rest of ourselves.
He quilts. Phil and his bride are quilters. They make beautiful little blankets for little ones.

And he makes beautiful music, too. In fact, he makes beautiful musical instruments for making beautiful music—Dulcimers. I only know one thing about making musical instruments: it requires skill, patience and a deep love for music. I had no idea that Phil had all this coolness in him.
And he does all this in a Hat.
Doesn't he look great in this shirt ?
Please note the Dulcimer in Phil’s lap. 
Ooh look! They also quilt until they get matching outfits!
I know this: Phil won’t mind if you stop by his Web site where you can enjoy more of his handiwork.

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