Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Those late-night TV wedding extravaganzas got nothing on Kristi. If you’re gonna throw a wedding, do it the right way—get creative!  In a beautiful white Hat.

Kristi is aboard her mustang pony, Cody, whom she has nurtured into a gentle and fine-looking friend. Kristi is a friend of a friend whom I have mentioned on this blog before.
Thank you for this heart-warming photo, Kristi. The entire staff here at PWWH wish you and your husband many fond years together.


kenju said...

Very nice. It's sweet to see the garland on the horse, too.

Jennie said...

There's just something about a bride on a horse...looks like a happy day!

Janell said...

Congratualations, Kristi! You GO, girl!

Ily said...

Now THAT'S stylish! Way to go, Kristi!!