Saturday, December 8, 2007


You meet the nicest and most enthusiastic people when you're out walking. Just as I finished the last long walk of my season (Nov 3), here came Di and her companion, just getting ready for a walk. Well, would you look at her hat?

Naturally, I chased them down and asked for a picture. She graciously said, "I'd like that." Di was a charm! Pretty as a princess and as friendly as can be. And it's all in her eyes. After I took the picture, I gave her my card (it has my blog URL on it) and invited her to take a look at the other folks. You know what she said?

"I'll do that. And I'll pray for every one of them, too."

I'm just sure there will be hats in heaven.

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kenju said...

She's pretty! I cleaned out my coat closet today and took 5 hats to Goodwill! I still have at least 6 left.

kenju said...

Thanks for the visit, Paul. I'm still trying to find time to get out the photos of me from 1960 when I modeled hats! If I can corral someone here who takes good pics, I'll put a few hats on this weekend. Mr. kenju doesn't qualify as a good photographer!

Mizz E said...

Thanks for dropping by, I left you a note, and then I looked at your blogs and chose to come to the one about hats.

I have always loved and worn hats...all kinds.

Last night my sister and I were sharing a bedroom where we were visiting my brother. I knew she often times talks in her sleep - well last night she woke me up, talking loudly in an imploring voice: "Wait, we've got to get our hats!"

Seeker said...

Thank you, Di, for your prayers.

gemma said...

Wonderful pictures - fabulous hats - great people and lovely commentary.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hi, Di!!
Very nice pic.
Great smile!!!!!

I tried to leave a comment on your ZOOOOMED in pic of Kermit, but Blogger would not let me.
It's a cool pic... RIBBIT!!!!!

Marcie said...

I like this photo the best. Off center, a pretty subject, and the background is linear.
Good shot!