Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mill Creek Trail--Kansas

When you go out walking on one of Eastern Kansas' many trails, you meet the neatest folks. Like this hatted family that was out being a family together. Bless 'em.
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And then this Mommy was carefully leading her girls across the road and on up the trail. All three of them smiled at me and said, "Hi." Bless 'em, too.
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Jamie Dawn said...

Those families are enjoying the weather and having fun exercising.
That's terrific!

Janell said...

What a great idea for a log! Wish I'd thought of it!
ps - I got here through Cliff M.

Janell said...

I meant "blog" not "log". My sister says typos are invisible until you hit publish. I have to agree.

Seeker said...

Were you biking too?
That looks like a fine trail, a great day for biking.

Kansas Bob said...

Enjoying your Pics Paul! We used to live a few blocks from Mill Creek and loved to walk the trail.