Monday, October 1, 2007

Jamie Dawn--Arkansas

My blogger pal-ette Jamie Dawn took a five-day driving trip with her dad, brother, and son to enjoy the World's Longest Yard Sale. It’s 450 miles up and down Highway 127 from Alabama to the north part of Kentucky.

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The day was a hot one, so her dad bought hats to provide shade from the scorching sun. This picture was taken at Noccalula Falls; Gadsden, AL last August. Jamie Dawn's son passed on his grandad's offer for a hat, but agreed to take this picture of his mom, grandad, and uncle—looking "ridiculous."

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Jamie Dawn, her dad Jim, and her brother Jason


Jamie Dawn said...

I remember that very hot, humid day well.
Those hats helped shield the sun a bit, even if we did look ridiculous.
My hat has a John Deere patch on the front.
That's the closest I will ever get to farming.

Rachel said...

I saw them with those hats on!! Cute trio aren't they?!

jennifer said...

Well HI! I was scrolling through your hat blog and had to stop and comment on this one. I have been to Jamie Dawn's (she is SO funny) site and I live about 35min. from Gadsden AL. I really like your Hat Blog. GREAT IDEA!!!