Friday, March 19, 2010

The Good Humor Man—Kansas

My mouth was watering for some ice cream recently, but all I got out of it was a reminder of this picture. I should have posted this man’s photo several months ago. (You can tell by the greenery.) He was real nice to pose for me. He politely waited and waited to let me take as many photos as I wanted. I’m glad I took this picture. Without realizing it at the time, I got a nice photo of a cool bronze Hat, too.

Maybe if I post this in the middle of March, summer will get here a little sooner.


TLP said...

Nice photo! Maybe it will bring warm weather to you.

Spring has sprung here in PA. Today it was sunny and 73 degrees. Wonderful. 'Course, next week we'll get the stuff that's in Colorado right now, but right NOW, it's wonderful.

Valeria said...

I'm going to take a picture of myself with a hat on for you!