Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Friends of the Bride—Florida

(Cool name, too)

Bram is a friend of the bride. He told me, “My mom and her have been friends forever. Like, for 15 years or something.” Bram’s mom told me that he insisted on going out shopping for his Fedora just for Heather’s wedding. He done good.

I sorta took a liking to Vernell. “If I’m going to stand out in a crowd, then I want everyone to really see me,” she told me.
I said, “Well, I think an orange hat will do it every time.”
"That's why my hair is orange, too,” she said. She proudly told me that she’s six-foot-four.

Sunshine was the evening’s entertainer. And a great one he was, too! That man can entertain! He wore more than one hat during the course of the evening. He is also an employee of the bride.

Sunshine rocking the house.

Sunshine dancing.

Sunshine singing a love song.

In the picture below, Vernell really is the tall one; Sunshine was sitting in her lap. They worked the entertainment together.


kenju said...

Three cool people!! You always find the good hats, Paul.

Jamie Dawn said...

Love the orange hat!
Taylor has a few fedoras. They are super cool!
Guys who wear fedoras look classy.

jennifer said...

I love this 'hats' post. I like Vernell's attitude. Instead of slumping, she adds a couple more inches with an orange hat. THAT is the way to be!!