Wednesday, December 26, 2007


We've been blogging buddies for a couple of years. Colleen and her husband Joe are both multi-talented. Joe, according to Colleen, "...helped to start a a local oral history program for teens, is a soccer coach, went to Asheville four times this year to help my son prepare for and build his kiln, does four kinds of martial arts, chops wood, hunts, plays golf, takes me to the ocean in our camper--and has a full time job." He wears hats all the time, too.

For a sneak peek of even more of her hats, visit her blog. Colleen's a talented, published writer whose charm and skill is regularly displayed on her friendly, eclectic blog. She's a Scrabble player par excellence, a photographer, a poet, a story-teller of the highest order, a small town girl (Floyd, VA) with friends around the country. And she likes to dance!

Unfortunately, she thinks hats are just props. Just props? Naw, I don't think so. Without this leopard hat, she'd just be another pretty face.



colleen said...

Being the first to comment feels like looking in the mirror at myself with everyone watching. This is a great write-up and I appreciate it, especially the plug for Joe who will be reading this from California because he is off on another hat trick, helping to facilitate a teen meditation retreat. I'll post a link back here, hopefully tomorrow.

My son Josh and I just watched the documentary "No Direction Home" about Bob Dylan, but Dylan didn't sing Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat in it, which is the reason I like them. Although mostly I just try them on. In Targets.

Thanks, Paul!

kenju said...

Colleen, you mean you don't buy them too???

I like the leopard-skin hat!

Jamie Dawn said...

Nice hat there, Colleen!